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Storm: Small acts of kindness

Campaign season is a time of big talk and bigger promises.

Clark: We’re returning to Jura

This summer, after some 212 years, we’ll be returning to Jura.

Speller: Hidden treasure in Edenton

One of North Carolina’s hidden treasures will be unveiled for all to see Friday and Saturday during Edenton’s Pilgrimage of Historic Homes and Gardens.

  • Speller: Study shows state has made strides in racial progress

    WalletHub, a social media finance company, recently ranked North Carolina ninth among all 50 states and the District of Columbia that are making improvements against racial barriers.

  • Speller: Brothers’ shared birthdays part of bond

    The holidays have passed but we’re still celebrating in the Speller household. Today, both of our boys have birthdays. That’s right.

  • Speller: Handling holidays

    Christmas is Friday and I’m ready — well, maybe not ready but definitely excited.

  • Speller: Attacks lack action, debate from leaders

    The November terrorist attacks in Paris put the world on edge, including the United States, as 130 people were killed by suicide bombers and shootings at cafés, restaurants, a music venue and near a stadium.

  • Speller: Count the many blessings

    When November rolls around, thoughtful, conscientious — and, yes, thankful friends on Facebook begin the daily task of counting their blessings.

Grizzard: Rose receipt delivers thorn

Heading into the Christmas season, pretty much everyone giving pointers to shoppers will offer this same suggestion: Save your receipts. I don’t disagree that this is a good consumer tip.

Summers: ECU enjoys easy win

ORLANDO, Fla.Win and advance.There was genuine jubilation emanating from the visitors’ locker room beneath Bright House Networks Stadium late Thursday night. It had been that long.

  • Summers: Pirate offense firing blanks

    The team that throws the football for a living — not a hobby — is having a tough time making ends meet.

  • Summers: ECU needs quick fixes

    EAST HARTFORD, Conn.Wearing the casual attire that anyone else might don for a mid-autumn football game in New England, Geno Auriemma looked like a regular dude.

  • Summers: Temple lowers the doom

    East Carolina spent another 60 minutes in the Temple of doom on Thursday night, and once again the Pirates had their hearts ripped out.

  • Summers: Hawkins' big stage

    Josh Hawkins loves a stage, and in his world, there is none bigger than the opponent’s end zone at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, where he triumphantly stood in the Saturday afternoon sun with the football in his hands.

  • Summers: Timing favors Cougars

    PROVO, UtahThe actual fireworks launched after the game, big streaks of blue-and-white sparkling fireballs shooting into the massive Utah sky, and the host BYU football team made sure they happened at all costs.

Rutledge: If stink bugs were edible

My mother is looking forward to springtime, when she can get out of the house and go hunting. Not for deer or duck, but in the immortal words of Spanky McFarland, “bug hunting.

  • Rutledge: Sleeping better after saying goodbye

    We said goodbye to an old friend last weekend and used the money to buy a new one.

  • Rutledge: Kids today know how to play

    My cousin, Wayne Scarbrough, plays several instruments well, and he’s nearly as old as I am.

  • Rutledge: An unlikely highway hero

    In the hallway near my new office, a manager from information technologies said he had ordered a new case for the small computer I’d been issued a few days before. “We’re getting you a special case,” he said. “It comes with a big magnet on the bottom.” He was having some fun with me.

  • Rutledge: Mountains and music ‘keep calling me home’

    We didn’t move back to East Tennessee just for the music, but it might have been a deal breaker without guitars, fiddles and mandolins in the mix.

  • Rutledge: Let’s jump-start the economy

    During the first few years after our family moved to Winterville in 2001, there was a gas station and convenience store on our regular route into Greenville that seemed determined to go out of business.

Storm: Small acts of kindness

Campaign season is a time of big talk and bigger promises.

  • Storm: In search of quiet

    It’s deep into the evening and I am alone in the newsroom. All is serene, except something is clicking. The clicking is intermittent and not particularly loud.

  • Storm: Einstein for president

    After long study of the current field of candidates for the 2016 presidential race, my little terrier mix Einstein has announced to me that he is considering a run.

  • Burns: Top firefighter exemplifies dedication

    Mark Windham’s friends and colleagues say he embodies what it means to be a firefighter, and not too long ago I was able to see that first-hand.

  • Storm: The banished words list

    January holds few pleasures, but one thing we always have to look forward to is the list of banished words from Lake Superior State University.

  • Storm: Our own search engines

    Sometime in a not-so-distant future …“Great-Auntie Janet, tell us again about how things were in the olden days when you were young.”“Oh children, it was a magical time.

Burns: City bond pushes forward

The $15.85 million bond referendum on the ballot as part of Greenville’s ongoing municipal election will raise money for significant improvements to the city’s transportation systems.

  • Burns: Lottery tickets can even make losers feel rich for a while

    It’s 3:15 p.m. on Saturday. I am at a swim meet, where I spend many Saturdays because my younger daughter swims competitively year-round.

  • Burns: Dad’s wishes 18 years later

    It started when my wife and I were on the couch in the living room watching television on a Sunday night in November 1997.

  • Burns: Become ultimate voters

    During election season, The Daily Reflector works hard to learn everything about candidates and issues in a quest to become something like the ultimate voter.

  • Burns: Debates, voter resources

    Voting for the municipal elections in Pitt County begins in just a little more than two weeks, and The Daily Reflector has several resources to learn about the candidates and issues.

  • Burns: Nature thrives for gardener

    I am less of a gardener than a manager of weeds.This occurred to me as I strolled though the yard Sunday morning with my buff cat, George Lewis, in tow.

Hudson: Reminders of the joys of life

When my husband, Bill, saw the email that there were free tomato plants in the company break room, he stopped by to pick one up for us.

  • Hudson: ‘Life more than randomness’

    A New Jersey husband and wife made national news recently with the story that they crossed paths 16 years before they met.

  • Hudson: Fall speaks to Southerners

    Southerners love fall.A smart man by the name of James Farmer said, “Fall is a Southerner’s reward for surviving summer.” I agree.

  • Hudson: These are the days of my life

    Today is set aside as World Gratitude Day. And Miniature Golf Day. And National Women’s Friendship Day. But, more importantly, it’s another day.

  • Hudson: Tweezers are girl’s best friend

    Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. Tweezers are. Only nobody’s written a song about it. Yet.

  • Hudson: Women have wisdom

    I met my new BFF Wednesday. That’s when Frances Schultz, a Tarboro native, spoke to me — and about 1,000 other local ladies — at the Power of the Purse Luncheon.

Woodward: ECU record flawed

East Carolina women’s basketball set a program record* for single-game home attendance — 5,408 — on Friday against Presbyterian thanks to its Education Day event.

  • Woodward: Pirates playing happy

    Sometimes it’s interesting to sit back and watch the action in a baseball team’s dugout.

  • Woodward: Payne's gains

    As Jada Payne has moved closer to 1,000 points during her two-year East Carolina women’s basketball career, I’ve thought about different ways to approach writing about the feat.

  • Woodward: ECU not alone in chase

    Connecticut’s 89-38 women’s basketball victory over East Carolina on Wednesday wasn’t a surprise.

  • Woodward: Unpredictable tournament expected

    The fact that South Central is the last seed in this week’s Pitt County holiday basketball tournament is the best proof of this field being the most balanced and unpredictable it has been in years.

  • Woodward: Gorham saga needs closure

    Enough is enough. What started as a question about a local football player’s eligibility has turned into what seems like a never-ending story that has brought out the worst in an otherwise healthy D.H. Conley-J.H. Rose rivalry.

Castleberry: Mourning Mirra's loss

Six or seven years ago, I was hitting golf balls at the Bradford Creek Golf Course driving range when Dave Mirra showed up. Mirra wasn’t alone.

Peele: McConnell acquires courses

Members of Brook Valley Country Club have membership privilege at two more McConnell golf courses.

  • PEELE: Cash tourney coming to Ayden

    The Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization and the Captain Christopher Cash Memorial Foundation will hold a benefit golf tournament at Ayden Golf and Country Club on April 16.

  • Peele: GCC hires Farmer

    Rob Farmer has taken the reins at Greenville Country Club as its new head professional. He replaced Brady Pinner, who moved to Wilson’s Wedgewood Country Club.

  • Peele: New pro for GCC

    Greenville Country Club has announced the hiring of Rob Farmer as its new head professional. He will assume the position on Jan. 1, 2016.

  • Peele: USGA changing rules

    The USGA, the governing body of golf in the United States, will be making some changes in the handicapping rules for the coming year, effective Jan. 1, 2016.

  • Peele: Ranking ECU golfers

    Usually, I don’t cover much college golf in this column, but I thought I would take a look at how some East Carolina University golfers are doing in comparison with their fellow collegians.

Keith: Strong-willed kids

One morning last week I took my 4-year-old twins, Addison and Brody, to the park to play for an hour or so before I dropped them off at day care.

  • Keith: A fond farewell

    Usually, the beginning of summer vacation is a festive occasion for my 10-year-old daughter, Jordan, who typically spends the months of April and May counting down the days until she embarks on her annual 3-month-long whirlwind adventure in the sun.

  • Keith: Fine line between love, Teflon

    Like most married couples, my wife, Jenny, and I sometimes have to admit that even though we love each other with all our hearts, there are times when both of us would like to wring each other’s neck.

  • Keith: A lot to look forward to

    Lately, I am becoming more and more aware of how fast my children seem to be growing up.

  • Keith: Toddler beds mark end of era

    Last month, my 3-year-old twins, Addison and Brody, graduated from cribs to toddler beds.

  • Grizzard: Shorts in winter?

    It’s a hot-button issue for a lot of parents I know: Why don’t teenagers wear long pants when it’s cold?


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