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Grizzard: Little boy grows up

Maybe it’s just second-child syndrome, but it seems like ever since he was a baby, my little boy has done everything in his power to push past being a baby. While his brother is 4 years and 9 months older, our younger son always thought he should be able to do anything his brother did and have anything his brother had.

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Now that my little boy is as tall as I am, I suppose I am going to have to stop calling him my little boy.

Our younger son has been inching up on me for the last year or so. But it has finally gotten to the point that no matter how straight I try to stand, I’m coming up a little short.

But stop calling him my little boy? That’s a tall order. After 14 years, I hardly know what else to call him, so the words still slip out from time to time.

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