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Woodward: Gorham saga needs closure

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Enough is enough.

What started as a question about a local football player’s eligibility has turned into what seems like a never-ending story that has brought out the worst in an otherwise healthy D.H. Conley-J.H. Rose rivalry. Rivalries need intensity and the good ones usually have some bite to them, but what has happened in this community the last few months has crossed the line.

The Maleek Gorham controversy first surfaced in early October. It is centered around Gorham, a junior at Conley, and his residency and transfer from Rose to Conley prior to this year. He was ruled ineligible by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association on Oct. 3 and Conley had to forfeit two of its wins about a week later.

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The matter of Coach Lipe has not gone away and shall not until the public learns the exact reasons he was not reinstated. This has become akin to the Bengazi foul up in the Obama administration and has the appearance that Coach Lipe is the scapegoat for a whole lot of stupidity. To be sure, the Obama administration would enjoy that just to be "let go" also. So, you are wrong. Not everyone has, as you say, let it go. A teacher is not just fired by the school board without reason. A Coach is as much, if not more, than most teachers. If Coach Lipe is found to have cause not to be reinstated, then there is a fine young man Coach William Bland that is more than capable to assume the duties of head coach. However, if Coach Lipe is being unduly suspended, where does he go to get his reputation back? Please answer that question before you just "let it go".

I'm pretty sure that people were done with this issue.........

A couple of weeks ago. With the exception of the Lipe issue, the issue has been and was closed once the court appeal and the NCHSAA appeal were shot down. Apparently, TDR thinks there is still an issue and doesn't want it to go away. If so, their would not have been 2 separate editorials on consecutive days regarding this issue. LET IT GO! Everyone else has!

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