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Hax: Torn between marriage and career

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Q When I was first dating my husband, I told him I wanted the opportunity to work overseas for a few years and he adamantly didn’t want to live overseas. It was almost a deal-breaker for us a few times during the first three years we dated, but things were going well at work and I loved everything else about him, so I thought I would be OK without this goal of mine. We married three years ago and overall have a very happy marriage.

However, I’ve grown increasingly unhappy and frustrated with my job and really enjoy the short stints I do overseas for my work now. I’ve tried looking for jobs that excite me based in the U.S., but the market is still terrible. I think I can really only be happy working overseas, even for just a few years, and I’ve talked to him about it.

After begging and pleading, I eventually got him to compromise on living in developed countries only, but I don’t know if that’s a realistic constraint for the jobs I’m interested in. He’s never been to a developing country, and he’s unwilling to visit even for a short vacation to see what it’s like.

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