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My Teacher, My Hero winning essay

By Siyun Lee

E.B. Aycock Middle School

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I usually don’t look forward to school, but I always looked forward to Wednesdays last year spending the entire day in Mr. Colavito’s class. Mr. Colavito teaches AIG at South Greenville Elementary. He is a great teacher. It isn’t always easy to absorb information, but sometimes Mr. Colavito’s enthusiasm would spill out and before you knew it, the whole class was jumping up and down.

Some students may find physics boring. Mr. Colavito can change that by combining physics with roller coasters, tennis balls and balloons. To teach precise measuring, Mr. Colavito had students design a 3-D dream house. Mr. Colavito made us think. He gave us exercises for us to do and encouraged us to solve the problems by ourselves.

He was always willing to help. He rewarded us for critical thinking. He also rewarded good behavior and treated students with respect. He did not scream or raise his voice or whistle in our ears.

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