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Hot Dish: Mellow Mushroom opens in Greenville on Charles Blvd pictured left to right is Joe Morelli, Kelly Grosso, Managing Partner Reid Fogleman, Samantha Gilman, GM David Harris and Brandon Rawls.   Friday, April 27, 2012.   (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)
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Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflecto

Hot Dish: Mellow Mushroom opens in Greenville on Charles Blvd pictured left to right is Joe Morelli, Kelly Grosso, Managing Partner Reid Fogleman, Samantha Gilman, GM David Harris and Brandon Rawls. Friday, April 27, 2012. (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

June Hot Spots

By Jane Hudson

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Check out the changes and updates going on at local restaurants and bars.

The Quarry opens

The Quarry Restaurant and Bar has opened after extensive interior renovations at 123 E. Fifth St., the former location of Boli’s restaurant.

The menu focuses on handmade pizzas with from-scratch sauces and dough, wings, salads and sandwiches.

General manager Pete Kuetemeyer said the restaurant’s concepts and menu happened “fairly organically.”

A former bar manager at downtown Greenville’s Winslow’s Deli, Tavern and Market, Kuetemeyer had been working as operations manager for Still Life dance club on Cotanche Street. “But I’m a restaurant guy,” he said.

The building was completely renovated. “We took it down to the bare floor,” Kuetemeyer said. “The only thing original to Boli’s is the oak armrests on the bar … which I sanded and scraped.”

The stone on the wall inspired the name The Quarry.

The pizza menu ($9 for a personal-size pizza) includes Sausage and Fennel with caramelized onion; Hawaiian with bacon, ham and pineapple; and Mediterranean, with spinach, kalamata olives, banana peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and oregano.

Patrons also may make their own pizzas, choosing three toppings and one house-made sauce (tomato, white or olive oil).

“It’s Southern California-style, American pizza on Tuscan dough with French ingredients,” Kuetemeyer said. “This is what pizza was always meant to taste like.”

Appetizers ($5) include chicken wings (honey barbecue or hot), Thai chicken wraps and tri-colored hummus.

Salads ($7) include Caesar, Arugula Pesto and house salad with Pilsner Vinaigrette.

Sausage and pepper sandwiches and club sandwiches ($8) are served with thick-cut fries.

Kuetemeyer said the menu will continue to expand and evolve.

There are 21 beers on tap; wine and mixed drinks are also available.

The Quarry employs 20 people.

Hours are 11 a.m.-midnight Sundays-Thursdays and 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Fridays-Saturdays. Call 756-6499.

Mellow Mushroom opens

Hand-tossed pizzas and unique artwork are the centerpieces of Greenville’s Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, which opened this week in a newly constructed building at 2020 Charles Blvd., adjacent to the Greenville Mall.

The Mellow Mushroom menu features pizzas, hoagies, salads, calzones and appetizers, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and kid-friendly selections.

Specialty pizzas include Magical Mystery Tour (button and portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach, feta and jalapenos on a pesto base), Philosopher’s Pie (grilled steak, portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, provolone, feta and mozzarella cheeses on an olive oil and garlic base); Mighty Meaty (mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, ham and bacon on a red sauce base); and Funky Q Chicken (barbecued chicken, mozzarella and cheddar, caramelized onion and bacon with a barbecue sauce swirl). Specialty pizzas range in price from $7.95-$10.75 for a small, 10-inch pie to $14.95-$24.25 for a large, 16-inch pizza.

Diners may make their own pizzas on a base of olive oil and garlic, pesto, red or barbecue sauces. Toppings include traditional pizza toppings as well as bleu cheese, ricotta, green olives, spinach, artichoke hearts, broccoli, pineapple, avocado, tofu, pesto chicken, meatballs, salami, steak and tempeh.

Hoagies, offered half or whole, include the Capri with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, spring mix and basil; the Italian with ham, pepperoni, salami, fresh mozzarella and caramelized onions; grilled Portobello and Cheese with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and feta; and Jerk Chicken with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, pineapple, tomatoes, spinach and feta. Half sandwiches range in price from $4.95 to $5.50. Whole hoagies range in price from $7.95-$8.50.

“Munchies” include Magic Mushroom Soup with a wine and herb broth ($4.95 for a bowl), bruschetta ($6.25), pretzels made with fresh dough and topped with garlic butter and Parmesan, butter and salt or cinnamon and honey ($4.50 for three), and Stuffed Portobello with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and feta ($7.25).

The restaurant features a full-service bar offering 80 beers; 24 beers are on tap including a dozen beers brewed in North Carolina such as Farmville’s Duck Rabbit and Kinston’s Mother Earth. Wine and cocktails also are offered.

Owners are East Carolina University graduates Reid Fogleman, David Bond, Jim Ward III, Steve Jones, Bob Greczyn and Burney Warren III. The business partners, who operate The Capital Food Group, also have a Mellow Mushroom franchise in Fayetteville.

“We could not be more excited to bring our passion for Mellow to the local community and university,” Fogleman said. “We wanted to provide an exciting experience for guests of all ages, and this Mellow will do just that.”

The building was constructed with recycled barn wood from eastern North Carolina. The exterior features a colorful mosaic tile installation created by Greenville’s J. Morgan Designs. Guests are greeted at the entrance by a towering pirate statue created in Thailand from car parts and tools.

The restaurant employs 170 people.

Hours are 11 a.m. to midnight daily. Call 565-8220. Visit www.mellowmushroom.com or find the restaurant on Facebook.

HuHot opens

Diners can create their own Asian stir fry and watch as it’s prepared by chefs at HuHot Mongolian Grill and Barbecue, 500 S.W. Greenville Blvd. The restaurant is in the building that formerly housed Lone Star Steakhouse.

For the interactive dining experience, patrons select whatever they’d like from a fresh food bar that features eight or nine meats and proteins including beef, pork, chicken, seafood and tofu; three noodles; and about 30 fruits and vegetables including onions, bell peppers, carrots and mango.

Diners then choose from a dozen specialty sauces, from mild to hot, including Samurai Teriyaki, Feed the Hordes Hoisin, Black Thai Peanut, Burn-Your-Village Barbecue, Mongol Mustard, Five Village Fire Szewchuan and Kung Pao ... Yao!

Once patrons fill their bowls, they hand the contents to a chef at the large griddle, approximately 6 feet in diameter, to be stir-fried.

All meals are served with steamed rice.

All-you-can-eat weekday lunch, served from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., is $8.99 per person; the weekend lunch, with an expanded food line selection, is $9.99. Dinner is $12.99 and includes soup or salad and expanded food line selection. Children’s grill meals are $4.99 for ages 4-10; free for children ages 3 and under.

Appetizers include crispy egg rolls ($3.99 for three), Asian pot stickers ($3.99 for four) and coconut shrimp ($4.99 for four).

Desserts include New York cheesecake ($5.79), Molten Muffin ($5.99) and Khan’s Cake ($5.99). A specialty is the Sweet Victory S’Mores for two, prepared at your table over your own “campfire;” cost is $7.99.

Beer and wine are available.

Hours are 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sundays-Thursdays and 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Call 758-4468.

Katsuri opens

Kasturi Indian Cuisine has opened at 2205 W. Arlington Blvd., Suite B, in Stanton Square shopping center off Arlington Blvd. It’s the former location of Bear Rock.

Kasturi offers traditional North Indian fare including dishes prepared in the tandoori clay oven, masala, biryani and vindaloo specialties and several varieties of Indian bread.

Appetizers include Vegetable Samosas (seasoned potatoes and peas wrapped in a light pastry) for $3.99; Aloo Chat Papri (medley of chickpeas, potatoes and flour crisps topped with chutney and yogurt dressing) for $4.50; and Muligatawny Soup (split peas, vegetables and spicy chicken broth) for $3.99.

Vegetarian dishes include Baingan Bharta (eggplant grilled in the clay oven, mashed and cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger), Malai Kofta Curry (freshly grated vegetables mixed with cheese and simmered in a light creamy sauce, garnished with nuts and raisins) and Dal Makhani (simmered black lentils and red kidney beans sauteed with tomatoes, ginger, cumin, onions and fresh garlic). Each is $10.99.

Chicken dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala (barbecued chicken cooked with tomatoes, onion and yogurt), Chicken Saag (lightly spiced curried chicken with chopped fresh spinach) and Chicken Madras (bonelesss chicken cooked with coconut and traditional South Indian spices). Each is $13.99.

Dishes featuring fish, shrimp, lamb and goat also are offered; they range in price from $14.99-$16.99.

Tandoori specialties, prepared in the traditional Indian clay oven, include Vegetable Seekh Kabob (mildly spiced ground vegetables, skewered and cooked in the clay oven) for $13.99; Paneer Tikka (fresh homemade cubes of cheese, marinated and cooked in the clay oven) for $12.99; and Kasturi Wings (chicken wings marinated in yogurt, tamarind, mint and fresh ground spices and finished in the clay oven) for $13.99.

The house specialty, London Sizzler, includes an assortment of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb or Fish Tikka, Tandoori Shrimp and Chicken Seekh Kabob and sides of Dal Makhani, Chicken Curry and naan (unleavened white bread baked in the clay oven). Cost is $20.99.

Biryani dishes — baked casseroles of basmati rice with saffron, nuts and raisins and a choice of vegetables, chicken, lamb, goat or shrimp — are $11.99-$15.99.

A variety of Indian breads are available, from $2.50-$3.50. They include Tandoori Roti (whole wheat bread baked in the clay oven), Onion Kulcha (fluffy white bread topped with onions and bell peppers) and Garlic Naan (freshly baked white bread topped with garlic and fresh butter). Kasturi Bread Basket features an assortment of breads for $7.99.

Desserts include Manago Kulfi (rich Indian ice cream made of thickened milk and topped with mango), Kheer (rice pudding made with milk and basmati rice) and Gulab Jamun (reduced milk dumplings served in rose flavored sugar syrup and cardamom). Each is $2.99.

Indian chai tea, lassies (a North Indian smoothie), wine and Indian beers are served, along with soft drinks, juices and sparkling water.

An all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is served every day from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., featuring at least 25 dishes. On weekdays, the buffet is $7.99 per person. On weekends, the expanded buffet includes dishes served on the traditional Indian tawa hot plate, such as chickpea curry with samosas or mixed grill; the expanded lunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays is $12.99 per person.

Restaurant owners are B.J. Patel, who has a background in the hospitality and service industry, and Executive Chef Isham Singh, who began his culinary career in Delhi and has worked in several restaurants in the United Kingdom and the United States.

There is seating for 92 at tables, two banquettes and the bar.

Kasturi is open daily and offers a buffet for lunch every day from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and service at tables topped with white tablecloths from 5-10 p.m. Call 215-0215 or visit www.kasturiindiancuisine.com.

Szechuan Garden new owners

Szechuan Garden, 320 S.E. Greenville Blvd., has a new owner and a new menu featuring authentic Szechuan food. The buffet is no longer served.

Entrees include grilled or fried whole fish, duck and tofu dishes. Lunch prices are $5.50-$6. Dinner ranges in price from $9.50-$19.

“Many dishes are served in portions large enough to share, said manager Johnesha Banks.

Owners are Hui Dong Gao and Long Fei Lu.

Lunch hours are from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays through Sundays. Dinner hours are from 4:30-9:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 4:30-10:30 p.m. Fridays through Sundays.

Call 757-1818.


These restaurants will surely

These restaurants will surely become the most sought dinning places, the improvements are very tempting. Some feature a new menu, others a new interior, but if a hot food merchandiser would open an eatery in the area, none of these would matter, because customers will always be interested in new ideas. In time, things would settle down and every restaurant owner will have loyal customers.

With so many restaurants and

With so many restaurants and pubs in the area, it's quite difficult to choose where to dine. Some of them are newly renovated, while other have updated their menus, so you should probably check them all. However, restaurants that serve low carb alcoholic cocktails will likely be preferred by most clients, which is totally understandable.

Charles Blvd is a very good

Charles Blvd is a very good location to open a restaurant and the newly constructed building on 2020 Charles Blvd is perfect for this. The Mellow Mushroom restaurant`s design is unique and beautiful, also the exterior decorations are handsome and appropriate. The construction of this building took much less than any of us expected, did the constructors hire specialized high performance equipment like belt press rentals to complete the project quicker?

It is amazing that 5 unique

It is amazing that 5 unique bars opened in Greenville downtown! The Quarry Restaurant – its’ name tells by itself! It is commendable that the owners decided to overhaul previous restaurant and leave only the oak armrests on the bar, which are looking organically in the woody-stoned interior, it will be also great to include eye-catchy dark Ipe wood decking, just like my boss decided to install at his bar in Virginia, so it makes interior more stylized and brings an outstanding atmosphere for the customers!

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