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Phil Humnicky

Dionne: Cantor rode the tiger

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In 1961, John F. Kennedy said: “In the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.”

In November 2010, Eric Cantor said: “The tea party are ... an organic movement that played a tremendously positive role in this election. I mean, certainly, it produced an outcome beneficial to our party when you’re picking up at least 60-some seats.”

Yes, Republican leaders happily rode the tea party tiger when doing so was convenient. Now, Cantor has fallen to the very forces he and his colleagues unleashed and encouraged. After an electoral earthquake that shocked the party’s system, the GOP’s top brass will be scrambling to figure out what lessons they should draw.

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Cantor Defeated Himself

Congressman Eric Cantor deluded himself into thinking that his voting base was not paying attention to his flip-flopping on the Illegal Immigration issue. Most of the polls saying that most Americans support some form of amnesty and a path to citizenship are false and a farce. These polls are created and run by the groups that support open borders. The so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform is also a farce/scam endorsed by practically all the Democrats and a few RINO Republicans. The Democrats want to increase their voting pool and some of the RINO Republicans want to reward their corporate donors who want cheap labor. To pass any form of amnesty will be death to the Republican party. Many of us do not belong to any party but we are not going to sit by quietly and let these corrupt politicians in either party give away the rest of our nation without a fight. We are not the world's welfare office when we can barely take care of our own. Someone once said, "That A Nation Without Borders Is No Longer A Nation." The only true "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is to secure our borders and enforce existing laws. We have been lied to for decades by those who claim it is impossible.


Any body can vote in the primary. Including democrats. I wonder how many voted for the tea bag to get cantor?

EJ Dionne

Where are my Rolaids? I can't read EJ Dionne's articles without them, because he gives me heartburn. Look at the photo of him! I bet his handshake feels like a jar of wet gummy bears. This man is a parasite who must be kept free by the actions of better men and women (soldiers, police officers, his trendy apartment's security guard).

Wow army

Maybe we should just put him in a camp.

Right on Math Teacher!

And, If the Tea Party in South Carolina chose one candidate instead of 6, Lindsey Graham would probably be sitting at home crying. The last thing this country needs are moderate/progressive republicans in the House and Senate.

wrong again dionne

Cantor lost the primary because he supports amnesty for illegal aliens. Mr. Brat is against that. So are the majority of the American people. And next month the health insurance cancellations will start going out from private employers due to obamacare. Lots of democrats will have their policies cancelled too. You think they'll vote for democrats? Only if they're stupid!

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