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Letter: Elect Jay Saunders

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Well, in this political season of candidates rising and falling, shimmering and sinking, I owe them all a debt of gratitude for lessons learned.

The first lesson was taught in the Iowa caucus. Every vote is important. We can’t count on anyone but ourselves to elect our candidate. The second is that every candidate deserves a second look with a discerning eye. The third is that there are some really great people running for public office. They are equal to and deserving of our public trust.

One such candidate is Jay Saunders. He is a candidate for District Court Judge of Pitt County. The district court covers misdemeanor crimes, traffic violations, family law, juvenile cases, and civil suits.

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Does he understand that justice comes in two forms

Rich and white / poor and brown? Or does he try and pass as one who pretends all are treated the same? No judge should be elected unless they can admit the system is rigged and are willing to work for change.

Whoa is me...

I95 has it so rough, the world is against the blacks, all whites are out to keep black folk in eternal poverty. Give me a break. You wine more than a Tarheel after a Duke spanking. Face the fact that the black community still has not stepped up to help curtail the epidemic of black youth turning to crime. When a member of the black community then calls people out for their own mistakes, they are put down and called "Uncle Tom's" or worse.

I am sure these fine gentlemen were just misunderstood: Citizens of the year

Or how about the jail bookings section. Any given day it is 80% black. I am sure the police are driving around and passing by white people committing crimes, just to go get a black person to jail. Linky Link

Quit whining about injustice and start working to better the community. System is rigged; yeah that is the problem. They all just appear in front of the bench due to a misunderstanding. You are an ignorant joke I95.

Judicial System

Get rid of the 2A's in Pitt County and three quarters of the employees at the courthouse would be out of a job.

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Bless your heart