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Letter: Hillary’s honesty defended

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This is in response to Mr. French’s comments on Hillary’s honesty. Republicans and special interest groups constantly pound Hillary Clinton and accuse her of misdeeds. But, they have found nothing.

Her opponents have spent millions of taxpayer dollars holding constant hearings and investigations. Have they ever proven even one charge, one misconduct, or any dereliction of duty? No, no and no!

And as for honesty, just check the Republican debates and count the number of times they call each other liars. I think they may be right this time.

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Mary, They found nothing?

The FBI is finding plenty on the Email "selfserver" scandal. Benghazi hearings are not over. She is not "free and clear" there either. Ignorance is bliss.

Hillary is counting on you lady!

If the letter writer cannot admit that Hillary has lied or broken the law with her email scandal then there is no hope for you. You are admitting delusion and that's precisely the type of person Hillary is counting on for her success. Just because the current administration refuses to prosecute her does in no part indicate innocence. Hillary is a crook and will always be a crook. She'll do and say anything to win election. Don't forget to get your ID and go vote for Hillary. As many times as possible. She's counting on lemmings.....like you!

Hillary is probably the only

Hillary is probably the only one in the country that lies more than Obama. She is just not as good as it as Obama. She started out with land scam deals that stole from the elderly. Most people could only go up from that but she has found a way to do even worse.


This is an edit of an earlier post that was messed up due to poor cell reception. Crusader, my Honorable Discharge is on my office wall at ECU, Jack. I do not have to play soldier; I was one. Kinda funny isn't it, that the 312th Field Hospital's reunion is coming up, and they, who served in the Desert, recognize me as a colleague in good standing.

How dare you mention Chesty's name in vain. My dad served as a Tech Sergeant in the Chosin in Nov and Dec 1950 under Chesty.

Crusader, I understand that you were too cowardly or effeminate to serve in uniform, but at least you should thank those who signed a blank check up to and including their life to make maggots like you free.

I'll sum this up with a quote from John Stuart Mill, "...The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." Mill was talking about YOU, Crusader.

PS: If you're a Marine reading this post, Crusader just disparaged Chesty Puller. Please share your thoughts with him. And if you disagree with me, and side with Crusader, I'm cool with that too. At least you served, which is more than Crusader can say.


Honorable discharge is on my office wall at edu Jack. I do not have to play soldier, I was one. Dad served in chosinand you are not worth shining his boots.

Latest Fox Poll: Hillary 47-Trump 42

Since this is a Fox poll, Hillary is probably up by 20 points. This just shows how out of touch army nurse and his disturbed pal, mathteacher are. Armynurse, why don't you get your helmet on and go out and play soldier? You could be "Chesty" Puller and fight those communists. You could play dress-up and pretend you really are in combat.

Go ahead and nominate her please!!!

Just a question for you, how did the Clinton's leave the White house "broke" and are now more wealthy than Mitt Romney? What did the produce, sell, create or build? His salary is only 400k a year and she made probably 200k both government salaries.. How do they build their net worth to be so much running a non profit? Oh yea and pay Chelsea over 600k a year, I just wonder how this happened...

Mrs George one word


If Hillary can pass the test then I think the rest of us

....are as pure as the driven snow. Her definition of lie depends on what "is" is. Of course I would be lying if I told you that I thought Hillary had never told a lie.

And as George Costanza told Jerry, "It is not a lie if you believe it."

New gallup poll just relased

Respondents say Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Saw this on MSN news.

Math Teacher

Thanks for that update. Notice how the libs, especially the younger libs, are turning against her. It's only the old fossils my age, like Crusader, who still worship at Hillary's feet.

Great Letter, Ms. George

These baseless attacks on Secretary Clinton come from the right-wing media echo chamber. Commission after commission, many led by Republicans, have found and will find nothing. She spent 12 hours before the Gowdy House Committee and wiped the floor with them. Ignore the mindless ranting of Pitt County's Walter Mitty, aka army nurse. Notice his sick preocupation with "sexual goings on". This is a classic trait of the paranoid-delusional personality. Actually this blog is a good outlet for his fantasies.


Baseless attacks? The FBI found Kathleen Willey's testimony credible, Crusader. This has nothing to do with my sexual preferences, although I bet you're cute, Crusader. Hugs and Kisses, my friend.

Nope, it has everything to do with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick being smeared by Hillary after Bill attacked them. You're the sicko Crusader, because you are willing to enable a common criminal in order to keep your public assistance check coming. As I noted before, Sanders is a better choice than Clinton, because at least he's not a crook. I personally wouldn't vote for him. But, if you're wanting your welfare check to come in the mail promptly, at least vote for an honest communist, Crusader.

As I said before, the younger generation isn't buying it. You and I are both old fossils, Crusader. Our votes will not matter much. The millennials and Gen Z will kick Hillary out on her fanny! Hallelujah!

If hillary is honest

then the Pope is either a protestant or Jewish. Mary, your letter is the biggest crock of nothing I've ever read. You really need to move out from under that rock that you live beneath. Jeeeez

Hillary Is Innocent?

Let's see....when Bill raped Broaddrick, Hillary threatened her. Before Monica presented the blue dress to the world, Hillary called her a narcissistic loony tune. Hillary had Kathleen Willey stalked until she recanted her story despite similarities with other gals including Paula Jones. Hillary is a rapist-enabler. Every woman who calls herself a feminist should vote for Mickey Mouse before Hillary. And guess what? Hillary's reputation among young females is tanking. It's only in the above-45 age group of women that Hillary holds an edge.

Go forth, younger females! Vote against this loser crook called Hillary. Show your mothers and fathers what feminism should really be about. Vote Sanders....Cruz....or Daffy Duck. Anybody but Hillary.


Depends on how you define honesty.........

She Lied, People Died

When the likes of CBS, ABC, and NBC start addressing the issue of her honesty you know it's not speculation. Even Scott Pelley had a hard time keeping a straight face when Hillary tried to answer his question about whether or not she had ever lied to the American public. She makes Brian Williams look like an amateur. And as General Hayden, former Director of both the CIA and the NSA stated, he would have moved heaven and earth to get a look at unclassified emails of a high level foreign government official. So what are the chances that our foreign counterparts hacked Hillary's unsecured server containing highly classified government intelligence? About 100%! She lied, people died.


much koolaide have you had?

Intreview Last Week

It is obvious you didn't hear her interview about telling a lie. You either have told a lie or have not told one. " I don't think I have...."




Well, now I know you're in the same age group as I am. The younger generation of Millenials and also the Gen Z kids, have a different definition of honesty, feminism, and illegality than you and I. And thank goodness, huh? The young kids won't vote for a rapist-enabler.

Killery's dishonesty

Having met her & talked to her,I used to be a strong Hillery fan so I understand wanting to believe her version of events in all the hearings against her...however, after doing some independent research & reading what the survivors of Benghazi have to say, I have finally taken my blinders off and see this devious, power-driven person for who she is, not what I would have liked her to be. There is no one that would love to see a woman in the White House more than I; however, definitely NOT THIS WOMAN!! Our country deserves better than a bought & paid for career politician who is obsessed with power... Please read about all the lives that have been lost due to Hillarys quest to be the first woman President. It is a long list, with one suspicious death after the other....it is not always easy to prove someone did something, even when you know just by using common sense that they did. If Hillery had been any other average person off the street, she would be serving a long prison term...but I learned many years ago by working in the judicial system, that there is only one certain fact: if you have enough money, you can get out of ANYTHING!! Check out the facts & see the Benghazi survivors story in the movie "13 Hours". The US deserves so much better than Hillary.


Right on. I can't find other words to express my sentiments. But, right on!

But who?

Here is the problem, none of the candidates come close to Presidential caliber. All of the GOP candidates have tax and economic plans that all but eliminate taxes on the 1% and stick people earning paychecks with the bills, and although they wail about the debt every analysis of their plans state that they will add hundreds of $billions to the annual debt. If I may take Sen. Rubio as an example, under his plans Mitt Romney and his ilk will pay 0% tax rates, and he partially offsets that by decreasing deductions that pay earners get. However, add it up and there will be $500 billion per year added to the debt--except Mr. Rubio believes that the tooth ferry will provide the money. Mr. Cruz wants to cut capital gains taxes to 10% and then stick you with a European-styled VAT sales tax. And so on, Trump, Kasich, Carson are all just more of the same, Trump is especially egregious at throwing out total nonsense. Should not be a surprise, they have all signed Grover Norquist's pledge to destroy the US Government and so their plans are designed to bring that about. Over on the other side, there does not seem to be much connection with reality either. Where does that leave us? Do you trust the GOP candidates to not start another war? All of them have basically said that they would tear up the treaty with Iran, which would leave military action as their only option. Think about 350,000 troops for an invasion of Iran when they talk about the nuke treaty.

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