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Letter: Newton lacks character

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This is in response to the lady who wrote about Cam Newton looking like a thug. Not only does he look like a thug, he is a thug.

In 2008, while playing football for the university of Florida, he was charged with felony counts of burglary, larceny and obstruction of justice. He was suspended from the team, but believe it or not, the charges were later dropped because he admitted to the court that he had committed the crimes, and the only punishment was to complete some little program.

This is another example of how the justice system treats athletes, actors, and singers differently.

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Re: Blessed's Comments

Blessed, Your point regarding "Johnny Football" is well taken, and for the record, I don't disagree with you. At the same time, please realize that you're not in Cleveland, you're in North Carolina, so no one here really cares about Johnny Manziel or the Browns. A thug is a thug is a thug, no matter what color. I suspect that the people who want to criticize Mr. Smith and insinuate that he is being racist are probably themselves the real racists who would blindly support Cam Newton until the end.....next.....

Can Newton

First of all, you people need to get your facts straight. The reason nothing was ever proven about him being paid to play at Auburn was because it was Mississippi State that his father went to and tried to get them to pay him to get Can but Gene Chizik got Can to come to Auburn instead. He also didn't tear up their stupid banner he took it from one of his fans and threw it but later picked it up and handed it back. So just because he is a great black quarterback that led his team to the Super Bowl and y'all are mad because he beat your pitiful team that is no reason to call anyone a thug.

Cam Newton

Is simply a young man who like many other young men have made some mistakes. Did he represent himself, his team, teammates or the NFL in the best light after the panthers superbowl loss? NO, but he is a young man who will mature over time. RUserious put it best, if you dont like it turn the channel.

And don't forget peyton manning

A lawsuit has been filed due to an incident while he was QB at Tennessee. Something about inappropriate touching of a female. Do you hate Manning as much as you hate Newton? Or is it ok with you because he's not black.


math teacher wrote:
A lawsuit has been filed due to an incident while he was QB at Tennessee. Something about inappropriate touching of a female. Do you hate Manning as much as you hate Newton? Or is it ok with you because he's not black.
The lawsuit was not filed due to an incident involving Peyton Manning. It was filed due to what is being alleged as a pattern of mishandling sexual assaults at the University of Tennessee.His situation is one of 6 or 7 that are beinmg used as examples. There are currently similar lawsuits at over 50 universities.

We get it Mack

You don't like black folks that are athletes. If you don't want to see Cam newton giving TD footballs to kids, or celebrating with his teammates, turn the channel.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I know another Heisman Trophy winner, the first freshman to ever win the award. In 2012, he was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, possession of a fake ID and was reportedly drunk and using racial slurs during the incident. He pled guilty to the fake ID charge, everything else was dismissed. This player was involved in several alcohol related incidents prior to turning 21, complete with video and pictures on social media, yet surprisingly he was never charged or arrested? He was invited to and later kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy for either being late or missing events. He was involved in a fight with a graduate assistant after throwing 3 interceptions during a practice game. This hoodlum was investigated for receiving payment for autographs while still an amateur. Now, this thug is finally under investigation after several instances of beating and terrorizing his ex girlfriend, all while under the influence of alcohol and other illegal substances. "It’s a shame that this hoodlum is paid millions of dollars a year and idolized by the youth of today." Hopefully, not much longer. I'm sure you feel the same way about this thug as well, Mr. Smith?


When a black kid is treated like a white kid by the justice system he's a thug. Cam is hardly a thug. Just a rich spoiled white kid...er black kid.

Sun not up....again

Dark outside yet 95 has already planned the day. And the list, as always, includes playing the race card. The record is always broken at 95's place.

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