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Letter: Sheriff clarifies payroll request

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Editor’s note: The 300-word limit has been waived for this letter.


In response to Sunday’s editorial (“Sheriff’s payroll broken”) I would like to clear up a few points that were misrepresented.

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Thankless job. Enormous responsability.

regardless of who the sheriff is. If that is the only derogatory thing you have to say about the sheriff you must have an ax to grind. I think that for the most part he is doing a good job. No body is perfect, lighten up.


I will say it again. When Mr. Elks ran for Sheriff he said he would do it for free if he was elected.

Would you do it for free?

Of course not. You are just another whining welfare junkie who thinks that fat welfare queens are more important than public safety. Yet you'd scream like a stuck pig if the sheriff's department wasn't there when you needed them. Just another whining libturd kook.


Do I need to say it again.

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Bless your heart