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Letter: Teacher raises needed

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According to the National Education Association, teachers in North Carolina are making $10,000 less than the national teacher average. Over many years their pay has been ranked among the nation’s worst, and with little effort from legislatures it has only improved from 47th to 42th in pay rank.

The proposal, for public school teachers to receive a 10 percent pay raise, would be very beneficial for both teachers and students of North Carolina. In order to give students a quality education, a school system would have to equip itself with highly qualified teachers and staff. It would be hard to retain high caliber teachers if the state is underpaying them. Those same teachers could move to states where education and education funding is one of its top priorities to receive better pay and benefits.

As a resident of North Carolina, it hurts to see that the job of being a teacher is not taking seriously. Education strongly reflects on a state. Teachers are counted on to give the younger generations the proper tools they will need to continue to improve and build North Carolina.

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national average

NC, as a state, is well below the national average median income. Let's compare apples to apples. Why should teachers get to be at the national average and everyone else below? Is that fair?

By the way. Teachers you work

By the way. Teachers you work for us. When we get a 20% raise , we will give you a 10% raise.

Alert! alert!

Teachers don't make a lot of money and there is little opportunity for monetary advancement. I bought in to the Liberal idea that you should choose your profession based only on what you love to do, money doesn't matter. My ambition and desire to live in a nice house and provide nicer things for my family, had me looking elsewhere. If money is a factor , it's out there, go find it.

Bravo Matilda and Jack

I agree with both of you. Good rebuttals.

Live within means

I was taught long ago to live within my means. Whatever your chosen profession is, you quickly learn that compensation. Live within your means or seek other opportunities. Been teaching for over 15 years as a second career and love every day of it. I see so many teachers complain daily about their jobs and wish they would move on. Our kids are not learning because of whining, complaining so called teachers that spend their free time in the teachers lounge complaining instead of working to be better at their chosen profession.

To hell with

To hell with all other state employees.

Again - teachers are paid well..

Who is getting these people to write this stuff? If these people would spend half the time teaching the students instead of bellyaching about their adequate pay- our students would be better prepared for college. Better yet, Terrell, if you don't like the pay , get out of the job and try something else. See how much you new employer would like your whining.

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