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"I started drawing because my dad used to work for Xerox, and he used to bring home these big reams of paper. I would just spend hours drawing on them as a kid. It evolved as I got older into me looking at photos in National Geographic and trying to copy them. It is just something I was fortunate enough to realize I had a talent in at an early age.

"I really enjoy pencil drawing, very few people use a pencil anymore or a pen in our daily lives. I still like the act of drawing, physically drawing. It is almost starting to become a lost art. For this same reason I really enjoy calligraphy."

What has started as just drawing for you has morphed into an interest in painting, leather work and photography. But from what I understand, you never sell your work. What keeps you attached to your pieces?

"I guess I want to enjoy it, and I feel like I won't make much money on it. Honestly if you offered me a thousand bucks for a painting I created that is hanging on my wall I probably wouldn't give it to you. I guess my art is just a part of my life. Each painting represents a period in my life. Like capturing how being in a new place makes me feel, or a specific moment that really affected me. I really like to paint from photographs that I take."

If you had one piece of advice for a large group of people, what would it be?

"I hear so many people say, âI canât draw at all, I canât even draw a stick figure, but I think everyone has it inside of them. You have to practice, take some risks, but everyone is an artist."

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart